4 ways you can turn defeat into victory

4 ways you can turn defeat into victory


Defeat is the act of being defeated, if a task or a problem defeat you, it always seems to be so difficult that you cannot do it or solve, however I want to tell you that it’s always an illusion when you think you can’t solve it or proffer any future solutions, you can turn defeat into victory, to be defeated is a natural phenomenon, some people however relate being defeated to failure.

It’s not true, defeats are always temporary whether you defeat someone/something or you’re being defeated, it’s always ephemeral, the one that seems to be unbearable to many is however to be defeated, it’s not always easy as some might even think less of oneself in most likely situation, the good news is therefore the fact that defeats are temporary and can be translated to victory, a victory which in contrary to defeat is a success in struggle, war or competition.

The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of those depths. -Elisabeth Kulber-Ross Click To Tweet

It’s an undisputable fact that defeats unlike victory can be permanent, and defeats can be turned to victory if well looked into, in every defeat is an opportunity to reorganize your plans, when first you see defeat as temporal, it’s then that you’ll see the opportunity to reorganize and rearrange your plans in so many other ways, defeats no matter how many time they happen shouldn’t be seen as permanent, all defeats are temporary and can however be turned to victory.

Richard M. Nixon Quote on turn defeat into victory
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How to turn defeat into victory

  1.  Accept them as they come

    The very first stage in the fundamental techniques of handling defeat and turning them into victory is to accept them, you don’t need to be feel unacceptable because of a defeat, the acceptance of something is also the agreement that it’s true, the act of saying yes to it or agreeing to it.

    It’s however of utmost importance that you accept defeat before you can turn it to victory. You must understand, be sincere to yourself, of course we know clearly that if you didn’t accept something, it’s very much difficult for it to be handled.

    Defeats are meant to be handled and the good thing about them is that they can be handled so correctly to the extent of converting them to victory, therefore it’s the act of recognizing, understanding, agreeing to a defeat that can lead one to the next process of turning it to victory. Always recognize, admit and accept defeat sincerely.

  2. Rebuild your plans

    Planning is the method of achieving something that you have worked out in detail beforehand. If you plan what you’re going to do, you decide in detail what you going to do and you intend to do it, not all plans hitherto do work out as proscribed, it is out of this that you experience temporary defeat.

    We all know how we feel when we intend to something in a particular way but it failed to work out, it’s okay to feel destabilized, it’s okay to be weary, it’s however not advisable to remain depressed or morose, the good thing about such happenings is that it has exposed you to other thousand ways to rebuild your plans, a plan,no matter how well organized can also still be reorganized in other thousand ways.

    When people rebuild something such as a system or an aspect of their lives, they take unwavering action to get it back with more energized passion.
    Plans can be rebuilt, when we plan for a particular thing and it didn’t work, we can still reconstruct such plan in another dimension, this can be repeated in so many times, Thomas Edison’s teachers said he was “too stupid to learn anything.”

    He was fired from his first two jobs for being “non-productive.” As an inventor, Edison made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb. When a reporter asked, “How did it feel to fail 1,000 times?” Edison replied, “I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.”
    Edison said he didn’t fail because he considered those shortcomings as a temporary defeat which opened his eyes to 1,000 or ways to rebuild his plans, I deliberately used his case as a typical example so that you can understand better that plans can be rebuilt. You must also come to the realization at this junction that Edison must have accepted a particular defeat before he rebuilt the subsequent plans. When things don’t go the way you plan, sketch another plan.

  3. Develop an unwavering courage

    Courage is a quality shown by someone who decides to do something difficult or dangerous even though they may be timorous. It is an extraordinary bravery and fortitude to do the unusual.

    Unwavering means to be strong ,firm and not weaken in any way, it’s important to develop such attitude after rebuilding your plans, after all your goal is to turn an accepted defeat to a sustainable victory, you must be very courageous and determined.

    At the age of 21, French acting legend Jeanne Moreau was told by a casting director that her head was too crooked, she wasn’t beautiful enough, and she wasn’t photogenic enough to make it in films. She took a deep breath and said to herself, “Alright, then, I guess I will have to make it my own way.”

    After making nearly 100 films her own way, in 1997 she received the European Film Academy Lifetime Achievement Award. It’s however worthy of note that if not for Moreau’s unwavering confidence and courage that she developed in herself, the lifetime award of the European Film academy achievement of hers would have been unrealizable.
    In the process of turning a defeat to victory, do not underestimate the ability of an unfailing confidence and courage.

  4. Add perseverance

    Determination, resolution, persistency, perseverance is the quality of continuing with something even though it’s difficult. The ability to continue with something especially that is difficult is not a thing of ordinary man, it’s an uncommon quality and it most be mastered by a giant that want to turn defeats to victory.

    Experiencing defeats aren’t in any way a fascinating development but the deep driving desire to persist and continue even in a difficult situation is very crucial to translate defeat to victory. As a young man, Abraham Lincoln went to war a captain and returned a private. Afterwards, he was a failure as a businessman.

    As a lawyer in Springfield, he was too impractical and temperamental to be a success. He turned to politics and was defeated in his first try for the legislature, again defeated in his first attempt to be nominated for congress, defeated in his application to be commissioner of the General Land Office, defeated in the senatorial election of 1854, defeated in his efforts for the vice-presidency in 1856, and defeated in the senatorial election of 1858.

    At about that time, he wrote in a letter to a friend, “I am now the most miserable man living. If what I feel were equally distributed to the whole human family, there would not be one cheerful face on the earth.” He later triumph in life because he simply applied perseverance, no successful man today can ever speak less of the role of perseverance in their their success stories. It’s an irresistible quality of a successful man.

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Final thoughts
Research has shown that most people give up on their dreams and purpose in life because they mistake a temporary defeat to an unavoidable failure, defeats are always temporary and can be turned to victory if well addressed.
Above are the four solid points you can use to translate an unimaginable defeat to a landscape victory, if you also have other ways you can change defeats to victory, do yourself a uncommon favor by adding it to the above points and remain victorious in life.

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3 powerful keys to nurture the genius in you

3 powerful keys to nurture the genius in you

The word genius is from Latin, attendant spirit present from one’s birth, innate ability or inclination, from the root of gignere ‘beget’.The original sense spirit attendant on a person gave rise to a sense,a person’s characteristic disposition which led to a sense, a person’s natural ability, and finally exceptional natural ability.
It’s the exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural ability , it’s also the great ability in a particular subject or thing. Every living creature in the universe are all geniuses, it’s the ability to recognize, and nourish one’s own genius that distinguishes some people from other people.
Remember that different genius comes out in different environments, Thomas Edison’s genius came out in a laboratory, and Steve Jobs genius came out in his family’s garage where he started Apple computers. Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook in his college dorm room as he created a way for his fellow students to connect and communicate.
This is however to assure the person reading this that you’re a genius and the way you nurture it will determine how much difference you’ll make with it in the world.
If you nurture something, such as young child or young plant, you care for it while it’s growing or developing, if you nurture plans, ideas or people, you encourage them to develop; parents want to know the best way to nurture and raise their child to childhood, that is how you must also look for the best way to nurture the genius in you till you become established.
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Nurturing the genius in oneself is and has always been an enormous task for most people which has made some people developed a fallacious thought that being a genius is only limited to specific group of people. Below are however some ways you can nurture the genius in you and rule the world.

How to nurture the genius in you

  1.  Educate yourselfEducate is from Latin educat- ‘led out’, from the verb educare, related to educere ‘lead out’. It means to give (someone) training in or information on a particular subject. To educate people also means to teach them better way of doing something or a better way of living.
    When someone is educated, it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s being taught in school, it could be formal or informal, the one done at the at school is formal while the one done outside the school is considered to be informal.
    To educate oneself however means to teach oneself the better way of living. It’s thinking outside the box and producing extraordinary abilities.
    The education given to oneself is the most fundamental and crucial for self development and nourishment, self education without doubt is the most important kind of education there is.
    Self education which requires consummate will to learn, doesn’t also necessarily mean you learn everything on your own, you can decide to educate yourself by making yourself cognizant of your immediate environment, romance with it and tap into in. It opens one’s mind to the particular area of interest.
    Teaching oneself requires a deep driving desire, dedication, passion and determination, it requires one to go beyond the extra mile, reduce distractions and help one to focus on the area of interest.
    You can educate yourself by constant meditation, if you meditate on something, you think about it very carefully and deeply for a very long time, it’s easy to educate yourself when you think deeply about a particular thing for a long, it stimulate the passion in you and bring about the physical manifestation.
    You can also educate yourself by making yourself aware of you environment, if you’re aware of something, you know it’s present or happening because you hear it, see it, feel it and smell it. Self education is a vital too, necessary for the nourishment of the genius in you. Be educated.
    purpose of education quote
  2. Inspire and motivate yourselfThe word inspire comes from Latin _ “ispiratio” meaning in spirit or inspired by God. Motivate, the word comes Latin “motere” meaning to move.
    If someone or something inspires you, they give you new ideas and a strong feeling of enthusiasm. If someone or something inspires you to do something new or unusual, they make you want to do it.
    You must begin to inspire yourself, the stimulation that comes from inside of you is the greatest source of inspiration, to nurture the genius in you, you must master the habit of inspiring yourself, stimulate yourself and cause yourself to excel; If someone motivates you to do something, they make you feel determined to do it.
    You must begin to make yourself determined to do something, don’t wait for anyone to motivate you, motivate yourself. Give yourself motives, ideas and flourish.
    If you are motivated by something, especially an emotion, it causes you to behave in a particular way that is peculiar and unique, if you are motivated by something, you begin to feel some kind of new energies in you, energy to pursue the extraordinary.
    You can’t afford to underestimate the role of motivation in nurturing the genius in you. When Pablo Casals reached 95, a young reporter asked him “Mr. Casals, you are 95 and the greatest cellist that ever lived. Why do you still practice six hours a day?” Mr. Casals answered, “Because I think I’m making progress.”
    You see,the progress Mr. Casals felt he was making motivated him. Beethoven handled the violin awkwardly and preferred playing his own compositions instead of improving his technique. His teacher called him “hopeless as a composer.”
    And, of course, you know that he wrote five of his greatest symphonies while completely deaf, how do you think he would write the five of his greatest symphonies while completely deaf if not because he motivated and inspired himself.
    You must begin to master the basic techniques in motivating and inspiring yourself even when other people make you feel discouraged and unachieved.To excel in education
  3. Unveil and unleash your potentials- manifest till you reach the completenessIf you say that someone or something has potential, you mean that they have the necessary abilities or qualities to become successful or useful in the future.
    Potential therefore is God’s given gift, a unique endowment bestowed to every single soul by the supreme being. You use potential to also say that someone or something is capable of developing into the particular kind of person or thing mentioned, it’s the ability and capabilities to develop into something magnificent.
    Potential in a natural way is meant to be manifested to its fullness but nearly everyone in the world use 10% of it. It’s limitless but can be paradoxically manifested to it’s completeness.
    If you unveil a plan, new product, or some other thing that has been kept secret, you introduce it to the public. Potentials are meant to be unveiled dimensionally.
    To unleash means to free from restraint or control, you must begin to free your potentials from restraint and take absolute control. Robert Sternberg received a C in his first college introductory-psychology class.
    His teacher commented that “there was a famous Sternberg in psychology and it was obvious there would not be another.” Three years later Sternberg graduated with honors from Stanford University with exceptional distinction in psychology, he unleased his potentials and in 2002, he became President of the American Psychological Association.
    You see, this is the time that you must begin to reject people’s stance and unrealistic opinions concerning your life. After all the potential is present, you must only do your best to make it imminent and evident.
    Charles Darwin gave up a medical career and was told by his father, “You care for nothing but shooting, dogs and rat catching.” In his autobiography, Darwin wrote, “I was considered by all my masters and my father, a very ordinary boy, rather below the common standard of intellect.”
    Clearly, he evolved. Today, he’s popularly known for his theory of natural selection, he manifested his potentials. You must understand that greatness is more than potential, it’s the execution of that potential.
    Darwin was a great man because he executed his potential. As a way of nurturing the genius in you, never ever undervalue the place of potential manifestation.
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Final thoughts

It is important that one nurtures and nourishes the innate ability and inclination bestowed unto us, which is also our genius. Above are some practical ways you can easily nurture the genius in you and become a great person, if you have some other points to add to the above stated points, please do now and take absolute nourishment of the genius in you.
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ANGER MANAGEMENT: Top 9 effective guide to manage anger

ANGER MANAGEMENT: Top 9 effective guide to manage anger


What is Anger & Anger management?

Anger, also known as wrath or rage, according Wikipedia is an intense emotional state involving a strong uncomfortable and hostile response to a perceived provocation, hurt or threat.

A person experiencing anger will often experience physical effects, such as increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure, and increased levels of adrenaline and noradrenaline. Some view anger as an emotion which triggers part of the fight or flight response.

Anger becomes the predominant feeling behaviorally, cognitively, and physiologically when a person makes the conscious choice to take action to immediately stop the threatening behavior of another outside force.

Anger can have many physical and mental consequences, the external expression of anger can be found in facial expressions, body language, physiological responses, and at times public acts of aggression, also facial expressions can range from inward angling of the eyebrows to a full frown.

While most of those who experience anger explain its arousal as a result of what has happened to them, psychologists point out that an angry person can very well be mistaken because anger causes a loss in self-monitoring capacity and objective observability.

Anger could be sudden, deliberate and dispositional. Regardless of whatever type it may seem to be, it’s of vital importance for a sane person to exhibit an habit of total control of anger.

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”

― Buddha
Clenching your jaws or grinding your teeth. Headache. Stomach ache. increased and rapid heart rate.sweating especially your palms.feeling hot in the neck face.shaking or trembling.dizziness.

How to manage anger?

Here are nine ways you can demonstrate an attitude of control over anger.

  1. Be speechless and maintain silence
    This is the very first stage in controlling the tendency to lose your temper, you must try as much as possible to exhibit an attitude of total control over your tongue.

    When you control your tongue, you limit the chance of spitting out offensive words which will also go a long way in maintaining your sanity, no matter how difficult this may seem whenever your anger is being triggered, you must equally remember the role of controlling your tongue and the good it’ll do you at such moments.

    Since unwholesome talks are most likely to appear when you decide to talk during the moment of anger, exhibiting control over your tongue will not only save your energy but also your decency and decorum.

“Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths,but only what is hopeful for building others up according to their need, that it may benefit those who listen.”  

The Bible -Ephesians 4:29
  1. Accept the emotion
    To be able to control anger, you must gain mastery over it. One of the prominent ways of gaining mastery of anger if to firstly accept what you’re feeling at the moment. It’s perfectly normal and it’s ok to feel angry, however to control your anger after accepting it move on
  2. Refresh your mind

    Refreshing your mind starts with clearing off the hideous and grim thoughts that could trigger the anger and revitalizing it with some other lovely memories.

    This will not only restore your peace but also retrieve your ecstasy, at this time you’ll experience a change of thought, and they’ll be a shift, also you can increase the chances of reducing more of this temper by focusing on the lovely things that’s happened in the past.

    You can achieve this by reviewing and reintegrating the sweet memories of the past, this will not only bring peace to your heart but also provide the tendency to exhibit self-control at that moment of anger.
  3. Engage and release yourself to amusing things

    Try engage in activities designed to give pleasure, enjoyment, diversion, amusement.This will increase the level of forgetfulness of such annoyance. Your heart will feel refreshed and you’ll even come to the realization that such things are not worth your anger.
  4. Take part in a physical activity

    The engagement and active participation in an exercise or any physical activity that involves the movement of your body allows you to vent off anger.
    Additionally, the endorphins that are released during anger helps in calming down. Example of exercise that you can engage in include: Running/Jogging, swimming, basketball, football.
  5. Hang around with amazing friends

    Yes! you could be thinking how possible, but it’s actually so when you’ve already observed the above 3 points, at this stage you’ll feel and enjoy the presence of other phenomenal people and leave you with the believe that nothing is worth your annoyance and anger.
  6. Limit the chances of future occurrence

    Overcoming temper is not always accomplished overnight. However, you can limit the chances of the occurrence of anger/wrath. You can achieve this through patience, peace and physical distancing from some negative energies.

    For instance maybe your boss is the main cause or originator of most of your angry moments, try reduce things that can promote the continuation of such.

    It could your spouse, sibling, parent, or friend; try as much as possible to study and observe them closely, provide a new way of relating with them that you feel could make you live with them in peace and tranquillity.
  7. Maintain a positive mental health
    While it’s ok to feel emotions such as anger, a positive mindset will allow you to let go as quick as possible. Learn to identify your personal mental triggers and things that upset you, practice maintaining positivity by actively changing your thoughts from negative to positive things.
  8. Seek advice
    Sharing  the problem with someone you trust or a medical professional might help you displace your anger, explicitly express what’s going on with you to them and cooperate with them to solve your problem.

Managing anger begins with recognizing and admitting the mistake in the way it’s being expressed and taking positive decisions towards limiting future occurrence you’re free to add to the points above, if there are any other ways you feel anger can be managed effectively.

Meanwhile let’s go over all the points in a quick shot!

Managing Anger: How to manage and control anger

  • Be speechless and maintain silence
  • Accept the emotion
  • Refresh your mind
  • Engage and release yourself to amusing  things
  • Take part in a physical activity
  • Hang around with amazing  friends
  • Limit the chances of future occurrence
  • Maintain a positive mental health
  • Seek advice

Best method on how to manage anger and rage?

1. Ease things up by taking deep breaths to suppress the anger.
2. Patience is key, anger destroys more than it can repair.
3. Take your mind off it and relax yourself mentally.
4. Relax by taking deep breaths and stepping backwards.

What are the symptoms of anger issues?

Increased and rapid heart rate
Feeling hot in the neck and face
Shaking or trembling
Sweating in the palm

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5 powerful guide to take control of your life

5 powerful guide to take control of your life


What does it mean to take control of your life?

It means being connected with your values and vision and setting meaningful goals for yourself. When you take control, you become more fruitful and more positive. You are able to tackle and solve problems more easily, and ultimately experience less stress in your life, you can see how important it is to take control of your life now.
When you take control of your life, you stop asking for permission. You stop asking people to sign off on the life you want to lead. Your life is not a petition that needs a thousand signatures.
Oprah Winfrey quote on "Take control of your life"
You stop seeking validation and expecting everyone to approve or veto each of your decisions before you pull the trigger, you stop giving people the permission to influence most of your personal decisions, you stop bowing for intimidation as you see people become successful in their dreams, you stop being pessimistic and negative about things and finally you start finding solutions to problems you’re yet to encounter.

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How to take control of your life?

Having realized how essential it is to take charge of our life, it’s however crucial to understand the steps in taking control of our life, below are five ways you can take control of your life.

  1. If not on a good soil, reposition yourself, be planted on a fruitful soil

    The soil you’re planted will determine your nourishment, if you find yourself the wrong company, wrong environment, it’s very difficult to take control of one’s life.
    Taking control of your life starts from the environment and the people that surround you, if those around you is not in accordance to your vision and mission, reposition yourself, get familiar with the right environment, right people, these are the powerful engines that will catapult to the land of fulfilment.If you find yourself around negative energies, then this point is for you, and the decision is yours to take now.

  2. Redeem your time
    You must start to get back the ownership of your time by buying it back, TIME is the second greatest asset after your mind, it therefore should not be toiled with, you must design a proper and realistic use of it, make a sketch of the blueprint and start redeeming your time.
    It’s often said than usual that time lost can not be regained, but I want to tell me now that you can simply regain it by buying it back, how do you buy your time back? you buy your time back by setting standards and drawing a plan on the present and future, forget about the past, design a layout and road map on how you’ll invest the time that you’ve at hand now and take charge.
  3. Prepare for the worst and expect the best
    Figure out what you’re most afraid of happening – such as failing an exam, experiencing heartbreak, losing your job, or your house burning down, or contracting a serious illness. Come up with simple plans to to reduce the probability of each of those things, respond if and when they do happen.

    “The unwise hope for the best … and prepare for only the best.”― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

    Our fear is greatest when the thing we’re afraid of is unknown or poorly defined. Once you’ve thought through how you’d deal with the thing you fear, you’ll find the anxiety you feel greatly diminished, and you now have the confidence and ability to tackle whatever comes your way and smile through.

  4. Release yourself to Growth
    An orderly increase in size, number, value, or strength is what growth is, it could be upward, inward,outward or downward, it’s the bedrock of every progress your make in life, its crucialness can never be measured, you must one way or the other always recognize it in and lay hold of it in every stage of your life.
    Until you outgrow it ,its subject remains a albatross around your neck,it’s the basis and foundation, its regularity determines the quality of your seed. The conditions, requirements, stipulation for its continuation is not far-fetched, it’s very identifiable and imminent when you observe, you must appreciate the place of growth and take charge.
  5. Replace your fear with faith
    Fear is a strong, uncontrollable, unpleasant emotion caused by actual or perceived danger or threat, or the belief that something toxic, disastrous or calamitous will happen, it’s a powerful negative force that every passion driven persons must replace with faith, which is the believe that something favorable will happen.
    You must begin to dare your fears, challenge them and doubt them before they metamorphose to optimism, if you want to take charge of your life, understand the calamitous nature embedded in Fear, break the yoke and move on

Final thoughts

The time is always right to do the things that are right, Start now

  • Take Responsibility.
  • Let Go of Embarrassment.
  • Stop Comparison.
  • Increase Self-esteem and Self-worth.
  • Set Boundaries.
  • Remind Yourself Whose Life This Is.
  • Make The Decision.
  • Forget About Failure.

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How your thoughts become reality

How your thoughts become reality

Have you ever wondered how your thoughts become reality?
Thought is an idea or opinion produced by thinking, or occurring suddenly in the mind, an act or process of thinking, to THINK however means to have a belief or idea.
We therefore shall consider how your beliefs and ideas become reality. Your thoughts are limitless, they’re inexhaustible and in respect to this, they can also be accomplished to actualize if well considered, below are five ways your thoughts becomes reality.

Dive into how your thoughts become reality

  1. Your thought rules your worldAs a man THINKETH in his HEART, so is he, you must have realized that most of the things you do come one way or the other from your HEART, you would have regurgitated and reconsidered some things before acquainting your immediate environment about it through actions.
    If you believe in your HEART that something will be yours, that’s a thought, it could come to reality by feeding it, choosing to be positive/negative or optimistic/pessimistic about it.

    “We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.” ~ Gautama Buddha

  2. Putting it into practice
    Practice, the repetition of an activity to improve a skill or reinforce a particular occurring, after thinking about a particular thing, it is possible to THINK about it over and over again, making it imminent and obvious that you easily recognize it when the idea comes to mind again, the process of putting such thought to practice could bring it to reality.
  3. Introducing strength
    The intensity of a force or power; potency you put in a particular thought is what that’s equally crucial in idea actualization, think of a time when you felt frustrated and angry because you couldn’t figure out how to do something.More than likely you were not feeling frustrated as a result of thinking: “This is not easy, but I’ll do my best to figure of it. You see, giving it that inner strength, the word “my best” is a powerful tool in introducing STRENGTH to a particular thought. The strength which is a positive attitude could also make your thoughts become reality.
  4. Remaining accordant
    Agreeing; consonant; harmonious; corresponding; conformable, the above words are highly giant and powerful, you see consistency is the key to growth, if you have a particular idea(thoughts) you must feed it with consistency, be accordant, corresponding and get along well with it. Through this, the idea gradually graduate to reality.
  5. Sharpening your interest
    Attention that is given to or received from someone or something is what interest is, you see the attention and space you give a particular thought is what will determine the reality of such thought.
    Be it positive or negative, the more you accommodate it , the more ebullient you become about it, the more zeal you put, the more imminent the result appears. Interest however is the most insightful force that you apply to a particular thought that makes it become a reality.

The choice is ours; whether to be positive and negative in our thoughts, but whichever you’re choosing, always remember that your thoughts rules your world, your world is the outcome of your beliefs and ideas.
What other thing do you believe allows our thoughts become reality?
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