How your thoughts become reality

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Have you ever wondered how your thoughts become reality?
Thought is an idea or opinion produced by thinking, or occurring suddenly in the mind, an act or process of thinking, to THINK however means to have a belief or idea.
We therefore shall consider how your beliefs and ideas become reality. Your thoughts are limitless, they’re inexhaustible and in respect to this, they can also be accomplished to actualize if well considered, below are five ways your thoughts becomes reality.

Dive into how your thoughts become reality

  1. Your thought rules your worldAs a man THINKETH in his HEART, so is he, you must have realized that most of the things you do come one way or the other from your HEART, you would have regurgitated and reconsidered some things before acquainting your immediate environment about it through actions.
    If you believe in your HEART that something will be yours, that’s a thought, it could come to reality by feeding it, choosing to be positive/negative or optimistic/pessimistic about it.

    “We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.” ~ Gautama Buddha

  2. Putting it into practice
    Practice, the repetition of an activity to improve a skill or reinforce a particular occurring, after thinking about a particular thing, it is possible to THINK about it over and over again, making it imminent and obvious that you easily recognize it when the idea comes to mind again, the process of putting such thought to practice could bring it to reality.
  3. Introducing strength
    The intensity of a force or power; potency you put in a particular thought is what that’s equally crucial in idea actualization, think of a time when you felt frustrated and angry because you couldn’t figure out how to do something.More than likely you were not feeling frustrated as a result of thinking: “This is not easy, but I’ll do my best to figure of it. You see, giving it that inner strength, the word “my best” is a powerful tool in introducing STRENGTH to a particular thought. The strength which is a positive attitude could also make your thoughts become reality.
  4. Remaining accordant
    Agreeing; consonant; harmonious; corresponding; conformable, the above words are highly giant and powerful, you see consistency is the key to growth, if you have a particular idea(thoughts) you must feed it with consistency, be accordant, corresponding and get along well with it. Through this, the idea gradually graduate to reality.
  5. Sharpening your interest
    Attention that is given to or received from someone or something is what interest is, you see the attention and space you give a particular thought is what will determine the reality of such thought.
    Be it positive or negative, the more you accommodate it , the more ebullient you become about it, the more zeal you put, the more imminent the result appears. Interest however is the most insightful force that you apply to a particular thought that makes it become a reality.

The choice is ours; whether to be positive and negative in our thoughts, but whichever you’re choosing, always remember that your thoughts rules your world, your world is the outcome of your beliefs and ideas.
What other thing do you believe allows our thoughts become reality?
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